Everyone reads texts, usually immediately. That's why SMS messaging is perfect for customer care processes that require sequences of time-sensitive alerts and two-way interactions. Here are just some of the ways you can use SMS for empathetic customer service.


Plug your billing management process into the Interaction Cloud for SMS account alerts. For example, balance notifications or payment reminders.


Give customers what they want – the highest level of privacy and security, plus the anywhere-anytime convenience of mobile.

Notifications and alerts

Well-timed SMS alerts can be godsends for customers. Being told when a package or service rep will arrive? Then being able to send a text to rearrange? Dreamland.


Deliver automated, tailored offers at exactly the right times – in exactly the right places.

Billing management

Plug your billing management process into our mobile messaging technology to deliver SMS account alerts, like balance notifications or payment reminders.

Complaints and feedback

SMS is the easy way for customers to deliver feedback or express dissatisfaction. And it could help you avoid a star turn on social media – for all the wrong reasons.

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