Complaints and feedback

Complaint and feedback management using SMS is an easy way for customers to engage or express dissatisfaction. And it could help you avoid a star turn on social media - for all the wrong reasons.

Your hotel has let her down, and now she’s annoyed. She’s texted you to complain. Which is a darn sight better than her taking to social media. Now you can start making it up to her right away.

Make complaining easy

No one likes to get bad news. But if your customer is upset, angry or disappointed, don’t make it worse with an impersonal online form or a horrific call center experience. Make it easy for them to let you know what’s wrong with a quick SMS message.

Be responsive

An SMS is much more likely to be sent in the moment than an email or call — that means you can start making amends right away.

Keep it off Twitter

A bad customer experience going viral is a business nightmare. Two-way SMS is much more discreet – it’s just between you and the customer. That gives you the chance to turn the bad experience around before they tell the world about it.

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