Customer onboarding

Use SMS to handle all your customer onboarding process - including account set-up, choice of payment option, delivery or appointment arrangements, post-registration follow-up, and more.

He’s just set up a new broadband provider. Within minutes he’s chosen his package. He’s set the installation date. And got his direct debits sorted. All in just a few texts.

Onboarding at the speed of text

With an SMS ‘welcome journey’ for onboarding customers, you can have orders confirmed, appointments scheduled and reminders set in a matter of seconds all via SMS.

It’s better for customers

They’ve bought your product or service – all they want to do is set everything up and start enjoying it. The quicker and easier this process is the happier they’ll be.

And it’s better for you

Short text messages that help customers manage or reschedule their appointments means a massive reduction in missed appointments for you. So your fieldworkers aren’t left hanging around – and you get a healthy cost saving.

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