Deliver automated, tailored offers at exactly the right times - in exactly the right places.

He’s at the mall. Heading into his favorite clothes store. Because he’s just had a text saying there’s 15% off his favorite slacks.

Make sure they don’t miss out

Your customers are busy people. They might miss your email saying your 25% discount period is coming to an end. But 90% of SMS marketing messages get opened within 3 minutes. Text them.

Be where they are

Smartphones have super accurate location information. Don’t just email an offer and hope they stop in. Send them a text when they’re near your store and in a buying mood.

Boost your online sales

Two out of three customers subscribed to mobile marketing have made a purchase because of a highly relevant SMS. And 20% of links are clicked through in SMS compared to 2% of emails. You do the math.

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