Notification and alerts

Well-timed SMS notifications and alerts can be a godsend for customers. Being told when a package or engineer will arrive? Then being able to send a text to reschedule? Dreamland.

Her parcel was supposed to be delivered at 6pm this evening. But the pressure’s on at work and she won’t make it back. So she’s rebooked for the weekend – without leaving her desk.

From moment of purchase to safe delivery

Online shopping is supposed to be convenient. But if deliveries never arrive or a customer has to spend all their time chasing stolen, missed or late parcels, then convenience quickly turns to rage. A simple SMS notification can let them know their parcel is arriving so they can make sure they get it.

Timely reminders

At the moment of purchase ‘3pm on Thursday’ sounded fine – but it’s an easy thing to forget. An automated SMS reminder that morning could save a lot of hassle later.

Two-way flexibility

Stuff happens. Plans change. But give customers the option to reschedule via SMS and they’ll think the world of you. And your delivery guys will be saved a wasted trip, too.

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