Text messaging makes tracking COVID-19 symptoms easier

COVID-19 Use Case #2

An academic medical center established a text-based symptom-tracking program to help patients self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms at home.

The program brief was submitted for approval with all the required detail, including the call-to-action script a clinician would use to get patient opt-in over the phone.

The immediacy and accessibility of mobile messaging is critical to the campaign, ensuring patients act on their prompts at the right time – when they receive messages like these:

“Ready to take your temperature? Reply with your reading in Fahrenheit. (For example, 98.1). Text STOP to cancel.”

“Do you have any respiratory symptoms today?
A) Sore Throat
B) Persistent cough
C) Shortness of breath
D) Multiple symptoms
Reply STOP to cancel”

The program uses device discovery to establish if a patient’s device can support MMS messages or if the program should be delivered as SMS. However smart their phone is, they receive the step-by-step instructions they need to monitor their own symptoms – even when they’re on lockdown at home.