Companies Choose OpenMarket for Mobile Engagement

OpenMarket is at the forefront of helping global enterprises use SMS messaging to transform their business.

Company Overview

Learn how OpenMarket is helping companies use mobile to optimize their business operations and enhance relationships with customers and employees.

Dashboards & Reporting

Understand the important role that Dashboards & Reporting plays in enterprise messaging, and how you can use it to track the SMS messages you send, and analyze data to both troubleshoot issues and enhance your messaging programs.

Text Messaging Options in the US and Canada

Learn how to choose between using a short code, long code, or text-enabled toll-free or landline number.

Millennials Prefer Texting with Businesses

Find out why millennials prefer texting with businesses over other communication channels like email, voice calls and social media.

MMS Overview

Learn why MMS is the perfect engagement channel for delivering dynamic interaction with customers and employees.

Mobile Engagement Platform Overview

Read how OpenMarket’s SaaS-based platform supports both simple one-way and more sophisticated two-way mobile messaging flows.

Customer Service Overview

Learn how our mobile engagement solutions enable companies to modernize their customer support organizations and processes—realizing gains in business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and competitive differentiation.

Enterprise IT & Security Overview

Find out how mobile messaging can help ensure business continuity, improve IT and support management, and provide security, authentication and fraud protection.

Consulting & Professional Services Overview

Learn how our consulting and professional services help enterprises design, implement and manage mobile engagement solutions using SMS and MMS.

Information Security Overview

Learn how the OpenMarket platform ensures that the right data is used by a person in the right role and only in the right context.