RCS API Reference

Invoke Message Response Codes

Response codes

These response codes are returned in the response body when we detect a problem with your message request.

OpenMarket Code


Message and Description

N/A 202 The request was successfully accepted. No response body is returned.



Message: An error occurred while processing the request. Please contact OpenMarket Support."

Description: This response is returned for permanent issues only. D

Retryable?: No



Message: An error occurred while processing the request. Please retry. If retries continue to fail, contact OpenMarket Support.

Description: An error occurred during message processing.

Retryable?: Yes. You can retry your request as this response is returned for temporary issues. OpenMarket suggests retrying every 15 minutes, for up to 24 hours.



Message: Account is not authorized to use this API. Correct your account or contact OpenMarket Support.

Description: The role applied to your account does not allow your access to the API. Contact OpenMarket Support for assistance.

Retryable: No



Message: Invalid JSON in the payload. <Specific error condition>."

Description: The JSON being sent is malformed or has invalid content. The rest of the error message will describe the error. For example, you will get this response when:

  • The endUser object is missing or malformed
  • The phoneNumber property is missing or malformed
  • The value of the mobileOperatorId property is malformed.
  • The variable object is specified but is empty.
  • A key property uses a character outside of the defined list of accepted characters, or the character length of the key is too long or too short.
  • A value property uses a character outside of the defined list of accepted characters, or the character length is too long.

Retryable: No.



Message: Invalid HTTP method.

Description: Your request used a method that is not supported at this time.

Retryable: No



Message: Invalid API version.

Description: Your request specifies a version of the API that is not supported.

Retryable: No



Message: Invalid query parameter.

Description: The API does not allow you to include query parameters.

Retryable: No



Message: Invalid request URL.

Description: The URL is missing required content or contains content that we cannot process. For example, this is returned if you specify injectService instead of invokeService in the URL, or if you misspell anything in the URL.

Retryable: No



Message: The payload exceeds the maximum allowable limit of 8 K.

Description: The requested payload cannot be greater than 8 K. 8 K is the default value, which can be changed. Contact OpenMarket Support to change it.

Retryable: No



Message: Request was blocked. You must contact OpenMarket Support to resolve the issue.

Description: The request was made from an IP address that was not white listed when the account was set up.

Retryable: No



Message: Username and/or password is invalid. Make sure you are providing the correct credentials.

Description: The request includes invalid credentials. If you do not remember your login credentials, contact OpenMarket Support.

Retryable: No



Message: Unable to authenticate request. Contact OpenMarket Support for assistance to resolve this issue.

Description: You might receive this error if you are using SSL mutual authentication with OpenMarket, and:

  • There is an issue with your certificate
  • The name you provided in the header isn't in the approved list you provided to us

Retryable: No

12011 404

Message: Service ID disabled [<serviceId>]. Cannot invoke the service.

Description: The enabled flag on the service is set to false, preventing the service from being enabled. Contact OpenMarket Support.

Retryable: No