Change Log




We've made several changes to RCS delivery receipts with this release. These include adding:

  • A new errorDetails object that provides more details about an error, making it easier to take action on resolving errors. With this new object, the failureReason status was deprecated.
  • A new CAP_CHECK_FAILED value to requestStatus. This value lets you know that the capabilities you're trying to send in the message do not match those supported on the end user's phone or that the capabilities on the end user's phone could not be determined.
  • A new capabilityDetails object that's returned when the requestStatus is CAP_CHECK_FAILED. This provides additional information about why the message failed the capability check.
  • A list of delivery and capability check error codes.

For details, see Changes to Delivery Receipts.

24-February 2020 The Invoke API showed support for the sourceAddress parameter for SMS fallback. This parameter is not supported in this API and has been removed from the Invoke API topic.
08-January 2020

We fixed an issue where the rcsMoMessage wrapper field was not being returned for MO messages and read and delivery receipts. This release also included new and renamed fields to make the information contained in MO messages, read receipts and delivery receipts more clear. For details see MOs, Read Receipts and Delivery Receipts.

01-September 2019

We updated RCS MO forwarding to support free text and postback responses with the addition of two new parameters in an MO: content and postBack. These parameters indicate the type of RCS message when a user returns a text response keyword (content) or clicks an action or suggestion sent in the message (postBack). For details see Receive an RCS MO.