Network Codes (UK SMS)

Important: This page is intended for existing customers using the UK SMS APIs (previously known as the MX Telecom APIs) only. This page does not represent our full international reach available when SMS messaging; for this, see our Global Coverage section.

This page provides a mapping between the UK SMS API network codes and OpenMarket's Mobile Operator IDs. This is organized by the following regions:

You can download this data as a CSV file.

The following lists the mobile operators for which we may return an ID using our Global SMS APIs. This is not a full list of the operators we can reach; only in certain regions such as the US and UK is it useful to return an ID.

You may receive MOs and delivery receipts where we do not provide an individual ID. In these cases you will receive one of these codes:

  • 0 — North American operator
  • 630 — operator for other region

Note that the UK SMS APIs may return codes that are now decommissioned or for which the Global SMS API does not currently return an individual ID. If you have any questions or requests around this, please contact your OpenMarket account manager.