OpenMarket's HTTP Global SMS API lets you send both one-way and two-way messages using either JSON or XML. Both options support the same capabilities, but if you’re new to SMS messaging, we recommend JSON for its ease of use.

We recommend reading through Features of Global SMS and Things to Know to become familiar with the API's key capabilities and how to make use of them.

Request from or to your system


Send an SMS


Sends an SMS  from your business to a mobile phone.

Send a Branded Message

Sends your message request to our RCS platform, which determines which destination numbers can receive a branded message and which need to receive a standard SMS message.

Get Message Status

Finds out the current status of a message. You can use this request up to five days after the message was submitted.

Receive a Delivery Receipt

Delivery receipts provide feedback on the delivery of SMS messages, such as whether the message reached the handset. OpenMarket will send you a delivery receipt only if you request one in the Send an SMS message request.

Receive an SMS 

A mobile originated (MO) message request delivers an SMS message from one of your end users to your own systems.

Mobile Operator Lookup

Finds out the mobile operator that supplies services to the mobile number, and also returns information about what messaging the mobile operator supports.

Migrating from older APIs

If you're migrating from our version 3 APIs, then you may find our Benefits of Migrating to HTTP Global SMS  helpful.