This implementation of the v3.4 SMPP Protocol Specification enhances the legacy v3 SMPP SMS by allowing you more flexibility in sending and receiving SMS messages using SMPP. See the Release Notes and Things to Know to become familiar with key capabilities and how to make use of them.

Note: The version specified by OpenMarket’s v4 SMPP Global SMS should not be confused with the version specified by the SMPP Protocol Specification v3.4. While similar in version numbers, v4 is OpenMarket's implementation of the v3.4 protocol and not a new version of the protocol itself.

Before you integrate, you must first obtain an OpenMarket SMPP account by contacting your OpenMarket account manager. To use SMPP, you establish a connection to a Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC) — for example, OpenMarket — using a TCP/IP network connection. After establishing the connection, your system sends a request PDU to the SMSC, which responds with a response PDU. The specific PDU structure depends on the type of transaction, such as submit_sm or deliver_sm. A list of the supported operations are described in the following table.

Supported SMPP Global SMS operations



Initiate a bind request to register a connection.

Initiates and registers your SMPP connection. Uses the bind and bind_resp operations.

For examples of the bind operations, see Example bind request and response messages

Check the link between you and OpenMarket.

Checks the connection between you and OpenMarket. Uses the enquire_link and enqiure_link_resp operations.

For examples of the enquire operations, see Example enquire_link request and response messages

Receive a generic negative acknowledgment.

Returns a negative acknowledgment when you submit a message containing invalid data in the message header. Uses the generic_nack operation.

For an example of the generic_nack operation, see Example generic_nack message.

Send a Mobile Terminated (MT) message .

Submit a message to OpenMarket, which is then sent on to a user's handset. Uses the submit_sm and submit_sm_resp operations.

For examples of MTs, see Example submit_sm request and response messages.

Receive a Mobile Originated (MO) message .

Receive a message from OpenMarket. Uses the deliver_sm and deliver_sm_resp operations.

For examples of MOs, see Example deliver_sm request and response messages.

Receive a delivery receipt.

Receive a delivery receipt indicating whether or not your message reached its intended recipient. Uses the deliver_sm and deliver_sm_resp operations.

For examples of delivery receipts, see Example deliver_sm request and response messages.

Unbind a registered connection.

Deregister and close an SMPP connection. Uses the unbind and unbind_resp operations.

For examples of the unbind operations, see Example unbind request and response messages.

For complete information on the protocol, download the SMPP Protocol Specification v3.4