Gateway Accounts

A gateway account determines how the OpenMarket platform will deliver the message to the handset. You can have both SMS and MMS gateway accounts. Gateway accounts are provisioned via your OpenMarket account manager. You can create virtual SMS accounts (see below) from the System tab.

Gateway accounts normally determine the following:

  • Which of your message originators you are using, such as a short code, toll-free, landline, or virtual mobile number (long code). These options will depend on the messaging region.
  • In the US, whether the message is standard rate or free-to-end-user.
  • In other regions, whether the message is premium rate or bulk rate (similar to free-to-end-user).

Depending on your region, you may be able to specify a different default originator for the account or set an alphanumeric string as the originator (these options apply only to bulk messaging).

Example gateway accounts for example an enterprise business with services in the US and the UK might be similar to the following.

Account name

Associated number

Tariff to end user


US Standard SMS


Standard rate

Region: US

Used to send standard-rate marketing message to customers.

US toll-free SMS


Standard rate

Region: US

Used to enable customers to text into your toll-free customer number.

NOTE: texts to a toll-free number are charged as standard rate to customers.

Bulk SMS


No charge

Region: UK and ROW

Used when sending a free message to employees or customers in the UK or ROW.

For premium UK services, used also for compliance and help messages.

UK Premium SMS (£2)



Region: UK

Used to send a £2 charged message.

UK Premium SMS (£1)



Region: UK

Used to send a £1 charged message.

Virtual SMS accounts

As well as the gateway accounts set up by your OpenMarket account manager, you can also create virtual SMS accounts. A virtual SMS account is branched from a normal SMS account, and shares the same tariff rate and originator.

The benefits of virtual SMS accounts are that you can:

  • Specify end user blacklists. Messages sent through the account will not reach any phone number in the specified blacklist. You can set up different blacklists for different reasons. See Blacklists for more information about setting up blacklists.
  • Set a limit on the number of messages that the account can send per month. You can specify email addresses to receive notifications if the Alert Threshold and credit level are reached.
  • Determine the number of messages that have been sent and received through an account (through the Statistics tab).

Depending on your region, you may be able to specify a different default originator for the account (this applies only to bulk messaging).

Creating a Virtual SMS Account

To create a virtual account:

  1. Click the System tab.
  2. Click Gateway Accounts. The Gateway Accounts page appears.
  3. Click Create Virtual Account under the gateway account you that want the virtual SMS account associated with. This determines the tax rate for the account as well as the message originator—for example, this might be a short code or other number.
  4. In the pop-up dialog box, give the account a Name and optional description.
  5. Configure any other details, such as the message limit for the account.
  6. Click Create to create the virtual account.

Note: Because there is no method to indicate that this is a virtual account, you will need to remember the name if you want to use this account for a broadcast message. Consider prefacing the account name with a prefix that indicates a virtual account. For example, you might preface the account name with virtual or other identifying character or word.