Viewing and Understanding Broadcast Results

You can see the results of a broadcast both during and after the broadcast.

  1. Click the Broadcasts tab.
  2. Click the name of the broadcast.

A summary of the broadcast and its settings appears.

Understanding the broadcast results

Broadcasts that send messages or provide mobile credits will also include a results section (example below) that shows the number of successful message deliveries. You can add or remove users from a subscription based on these results.

Screenshot showing broadcast results

MEP will only show the result states that are relevant to each broadcast. When the broadcast sends messages, the possible result states are as follows.



Sent — The number of messages that MEP successfully created and submitted to the mobile operators.


Messages that the mobile operators confirmed have successfully reached an end user's phone.

No Delivery Report

Messages for which we have not received a delivery report back. This number is highest right after a broadcast, and then is reduced over a short period of time as each mobile operator reports back.

Failed Report

Messages that have failed after the message was submitted to the mobile operator. The end users have not received the message.

Rejected Report

Messages that the mobile operators have rejected without attempting to reach the end users.

Pending — The number of messages that are still waiting to be processed by MEP.

Failed — The number of messages that MEP did not create or that were rejected by OpenMarket's systems before being passed to the mobile operators.

MSISDN unknown for user

Messages where we did not have a mobile number associated with the end user. This can occur when the user has been uploaded with an email address but no mobile number.

User in blacklist

Messages where the end user is in one of your blacklisted mailing lists.

Message creation cancelled

Messages that were not processed and sent. This occurs when a large broadcast is canceled while it is in progress.

Destination number is UK landline and originator is alphanumeric

Messages where the phone number associated with a user is a UK landline. UK landlines can receive SMS messages, but only if the originator is numeric.

Non-GSM characters in message variables; broadcast was restricted to GSM only

Messages that were found to have non-GSM characters in them after the variables in your EL expressions were processed. When the broadcast was created, the option selected was to not send the message if it contained non-GSM characters.

Message too long for the chosen message type (single-part or multipart)

Messages that were found to be too long after the variables in your EL expressions were processed. Note that the character set used (GSM or UCS-2) determines the number of characters possible when sending an SMS. Multipart messages in MEP are limited to ten SMS parts.

No SMS Account found

Messages that could not be sent because the SMS account specified when the broadcast was created no longer exists. This can occur if you schedule a broadcast for the future, and in between the creation time and the scheduled time the SMS account is deleted.

Account Credit Limit Exceeded

Messages rejected as sending the SMS messages would exceed your monthly per-account credit limit.

Rejected by the SMS Gateway

Messages rejected by OpenMarket for one of two reasons:

  • The end user is on a blacklist, populated by the mobile operators, that OpenMarket adheres to. This means the number no longer is assigned to an end user.
  • The message you were sending was through a premium account, however, that end user is not in your billing whitelist. OpenMarket maintains this whitelist to ensure that only users who have opted in to a premium service are billed.

Mobile Crediting broadcasts include the following states:




The number of successful mobile credit requests.

Rejected by the Mobile Crediting Gateway

The OpenMarket Mobile Crediting gateway detected a problem with the request before attempting to credit the mobile account.