Getting Help

OpenMarket provides enterprise-class 24/7 global technical support delivered from our support centers located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, and India.

We provide 10 working days' notice in advance of any maintenance in advance of any maintenance where we perceive a possibility of potential impact to message traffic. Because OpenMarket’s core network has an active-active, high-availability architecture, planned maintenance does not impact production traffic.

We will also notify you of any service issue that an individual mobile operator is experiencing, as well as their planned maintenance schedule (when advised).

Escalating an issue

All of our technical support engineers and customer-facing technicians are direct OpenMarket employees and are available by emailing or by calling one of our regional Support numbers:

  • Americas: +1.877.277.2801, Option 2

  • Europe: +442089878855, Option 4

  • APAC: 0292901373

  • Global Toll-Free Number: 0008001004277

Priority levels

OpenMarket has a well-defined escalation process and severity classification. After an issue is reported the OpenMarket support team will triage and resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Subject Matter Experts are brought in as needed to assist in resolving the issue, and if necessary support teams will escalate to additional teams such as Product and Engineering. The following are our standard service targets:

Priority 1 - Service outage

OpenMarket service or services unavailable to your business (excluding the CIE).

  • Initial response time: 30 minutes
  • Update frequency: One hour or as otherwise agreed

Priority 2 - Service degradation

Some component of an OpenMarket service is unavailable to your business (excluding the CIE). For example, if we cannot reach a specific mobile operator, or we are temporarily unable to pass on delivery receipts.

  • Initial response time: 60 minutes
  • Update frequency: Once per day or as otherwise agreed

Priority 3 - Service disruption

Service available, however, there may be a non-critical, temporary level of impact to your business. For example, if there is an issue with accessing reports. We also use this priority level to advise you of any planned maintenance.

  • Initial response time: 4 hours
  • Update frequency: As material progress is made or as otherwise agreed

Priority 4 - General requests

Any issue raised that doesn't impact our service. For example, helping with a technical issue you might have while integrating with OpenMarket.

  • Initial response time: 8 hours
  • Update frequency: As material progress is made or as otherwise agreed