Available dashboards

Dashboard allows you to keep track of your messaging performance, like the volume of your messaging traffic, the number of outgoing or incoming messages, or which conversations caused your end users to opt out.

All dashboards contain a data visualization tool with filters that let you quickly get the most meaningful perspective on your data near real-time.

Note: If you previously set filters on one dashboard, and then switch to another dashboard, those filters will apply there as well. Likewise, if you set filters on this dashboard, and then switch to other dashboard, the filters you set here will apply to that dashboard. Refresh your browser to reset the dashboard back to its default values.

How to access a dashboard

To access dashboards, you first need to contact your OpenMarket account manager so that they can give you a quick orientation and set up your account with the necessary permissions. Once that's done, you can view them within Customer Portal.

  1. Access Customer Portal at https://customers.openmarket.com

  2. From the top navigation menu click Analyze and select Dashboard.

  3. Select the dashboard by clicking the button with the name of the dashboard you're interested in.

Messages dashboard

The Messages dashboard shows you the number of messages sent (MTs) and replies (MOs). Data includes a breakdown of the number of messages by status: Delivered, Awaiting Report, and Failed, and also includes the volume by originator. When you first log in, your dashboard will return a default set of information, such as in the example below. All filters are set to default and the default date range is set to show last two weeks with each bar representing one day.

Using the Messages dashboard you can set any combination of filters to retrieve Total Messages at a very granular level or at a very general level. For example, you can use the filters to generate a report on how many Failed total messages you have by Country, by Originator (source), or by both.

Latency dashboard

The Latency dashboard shows how long it takes for a message to be delivered. Latency plays an important role for certain types of messages, like time-sensitive ones (e.g., two-factor authentication), so it's important to monitor it. Use this dashboard to identify any potential lags and the reason behind them, low throughput, carrier's limitations, an inefficient message flow, etc.

By default, this dashboard shows the percentage of messages delivered within 10 seconds. The latency filter additionally allows you to set the latency timeframe to 30 and 90 seconds.

Opt-Out Requests dashboard

The Opt-Out Requests dashboard shows you the percentage of the total messages from which the end users decided to opt out. Use this dashboard to identify any signs of a defective message campaign by looking at the volume of opt-out requests.

By default, this dashboard is set to show you unfiltered data from the last 2 weeks in daily intervals. You can then filter the data to narrow it down.