MEP Videos

Our MEP in Action videos showcase how to use MEP to build different solutions.

Our MEP Tutorial videos provide an overview on using MEP and how to create your first services, subscriptions, and console inboxes, as well as how to send broadcast messages.

MEP in Action videos

Shipping Alerts

This video demonstrates how you can add both precision and reliability to your shipping delivery process by using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform. With real-time mobile shipping and delivery alerts, you can improve the retail experience for your customers while enhancing your operational efficiency.

Two-Factor Authentication

This video demonstrates how quickly you can add SMS two-factor authentication using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform. Two-factor authentication helps enterprises to add a significant additional layer of security to processes and transactions that employees and customers perform often, such as resetting account credentials.

Tutorial videos

SMS Broadcasting Overview

Shows how to broadcast a message and explains some features that are useful when broadcasting.

Console Overview

Console is a powerful tool for viewing, in real time, the text messages received by your MEP services. This video shows you how to use Console and explains some of the features you might like to use.

Mailing Lists and Subscriptions

A high-level overview of mailing lists and subscriptions in MEP. A simple mailing list is created, with numbers manually added.

Building a Simple Service

Shows step-by-step how to set up an Autoresponse service. It also covers some basics of using the Service UI.