What We Offer

Welcome to the OpenMarket documentation site. Whether you're here to learn more about OpenMarket's products and services, or to find an answer to a specific question, we're here to help.

This page gives an overview of our core products and services, and provides links to help you find more detailed information on the site.

OpenMarket products

Messaging APIs Our core APIs let you integrate your messaging campaigns with our highly available and global network, enabling you to reach your audience 24x7 in over 200 countries. We offer APIs for messaging via SMS and MMS, and we’re the first mobile messaging provider to offer scalable and feature-rich RCS. All of our APIs are capable of high throughput, and your application can connect to one or multiple of our redundant data centers for high availability. To get started:
Mobile Engagement Platform Think of MEP as a blank slate for designing and running messaging workflows for a broad range of use cases. Using MEP’s drag-and-drop Service Editor you can quickly build and deploy a service to build a list of subscribers to a campaign. Or, you can leverage MEP’s APIs and Expression Language to design a more complex and customized workflow with multiple interaction points and connections to your existing systems To get started:
Reporting Whether you’re using SMS, MMS or RCS, we capture the data you’ll need to understand your messaging campaigns from all the important angles: financial, customer engagement, and operational. We provide an array of standard reports let you create your own custom reports, and create visualizations to get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not

To get started:

Getting help from our experts

When you work with OpenMarket, you get access to people who understand the details of the mobile ecosystem and what kinds of messaging programs are particularly effective.

Account managers

Our account managers love a good challenge and they're eager to help you navigate the many decisions you’ll need to make for your project:

  • What type of messaging program best meets your objectives?
  • What local and regional issues do you need to be aware of?
  • What message originator(s) should you use?
  • How do you interpret the data that OpenMarket reports provide?

Solutions consultants

Our Solutions Consulting team works with a wide variety of enterprises and lines of business. You'll want to talk to them if you need to:

  • Design a messaging solution based on unique requirements
  • Integrate with specific back-office systems
  • Manage the operation of your services

Technical support engineers

OpenMarket’s technical support team is located in multiple time zones to provide around-the-clock and live global support. Enterprise mobile messaging is a relatively young practice that requires knowledgeable and experienced support. OpenMarket is dedicated to providing you with that support 24/7/365. For more information, see Support.