What We Offer

Welcome to OpenMarket! We offer products and services that help companies use mobile messaging to communicate more effectively with their customers and employees. With mobile devices and texting so ubiquitous, the advantages of mobile messaging are easy to see: fast, easy, and convenient.

Even though our customers come to us from different industries, their objectives for mobile messaging often fall into one of these categories:

  • Notifications and alerts — Timely messages that remind people about important deliveries, appointments, and events.
  • Authentication — PINs and passcodes sent via mobile to make sign-on and password resets more secure.
  • Customer surveys — Messages that elicit feedback from customers when they are most likely to respond.
  • Marketing — Messages that motivate customers to take action, like opt in to a campaign, visit a store or redeem a coupon.

To achieve your goals we offer several technology options and professional services. Continue reading for more details!

Our technology options

OpenMarket lets you develop and run messaging programs either by integrating with our APIs or by using our Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP).

  • SMS APIs let you send one-way and two-way messages around the world, and receive messages sent from mobile users.
  • MMS APIs let you send messages with media content such as images and video.
  • RCS provides you with a richer and more interactive messaging experience.
  • MEP provides both a web-based UI for designing and running messaging programs, and a set of APIs for custom extensions.

With our APIs and MEP, we offer reporting tools that enable you to track message volumes and status, and in many cases you can opt to receive delivery receipts with details about message status and delivery.


OpenMarket provides APIs for SMS and MMS messaging, as well as several supporting APIs that perform lookups of devices and mobile operators. All of our APIs are capable of high throughput, and your application can connect to one or multiple of our redundant data centers for high availability.

Here's an overview of our SMS and MMS APIs:

Global SMS API messaging   MMS messaging RCS messaging


A RESTful, feature-rich SMS messaging API, capable of automatically selecting the correct message originator for any region.



A RESTful API that includes content caching to reduce the bandwidth you need and increase your throughput


A RESTful API that provides a richer and more interactive messaging experience. We also have an API that allows you to upload your own media files for use in RCS messages.

RCS can be accessed as part of OpenMarket RCS Early Adopters Program (REAP). Documentation can be found here.

Please note that this is a password-protected site. If you are an OpenMarket customer contact your Account Manager to request access. If you are not an OpenMarket customer complete the form here to join REAP, or

  • In the US call +1 877 412 6632.
  • In the United Kingdom call +44 20 3131 6966.
  • In Australia call +61 2 9199 7967.


An industry standard API for SMS messaging



An industry standard API for MMS messaging

OpenMarket provides APIs for SMS, MMS, and RCS messaging, as well as several supporting APIs that perform lookups of devices and mobile operators. All of our APIs are capable of high throughput, and your application can connect to one or multiple of our redundant data centers for high availability.

Mobile Engagement Platform

One of the main differences between MEP and our Global SMS APIs is that MEP offers a web-based, drag-and-drop interface for creating messaging programs. MEP features include:

  • Keyword routing using strict or “fuzzy” matching
  • Generating and delivering one-time PINs or passcodes
  • Intelligently reacting to end user SMS responses via robust and extensible branching logic
  • Customer management tools such as subscription lists and end user variables
  • Automated compliance with mobile operator and industry guidelines like HELP/STOP support and subscription management

MEP also lets you write logic outside of your systems for more advanced functionality. The MEP APIs let you perform such tasks as:

  • Broadcasting SMS or MMS messages
  • Managing subscription lists, and subscribe or unsubscribe end users
  • Simulating a message from an end user
  • Starting an SMS call flow (or "service") for an end user

For more information see Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP).

Our people services

When you work with OpenMarket, you not only obtain the technical ability to build and run messaging programs, you get access to people who understand the details of the mobile ecosystem and what kinds of messaging programs are particularly effective.

Account managers

OpenMarket account managers love a good challenge and they are eager to work on innovative use cases. Your account manager will help you navigate the many decisions you’ll need to make, such as:

  • What do you want to achieve with mobile messaging?
  • Where are your end users located?
  • What message originator(s) do you want to use?
  • Which industry and/or mobile operator regulations and policies do you need to comply with?
  • How do you interpret the data that OpenMarket reports provide?

Professional services consultants

Our Professional Services team works with customers that require a custom solution. This team excels at:

  • Designing messaging solutions based on unique requirements
  • Migrating an existing solution to OpenMarket
  • Integrating with specific, existing systems
  • Managing the operation of your services

Technical support engineers

OpenMarket’s technical support team is located in multiple time zones to provide around-the-clock and live global support. Enterprise mobile messaging is a relatively young practice that requires knowledgeable and experienced support. OpenMarket is dedicated to providing you with that support 24/7/365. For more information, see Support.