Creating a Service

The following steps explain how to create a MEP service using the custom template. If you choose to use another template then some of the service is built using the template wizard.

Note: When you create or edit a MEP service, permissions and functionality associated with a template are set for the template when your account is provisioned. Should you use a template which is not provisioned for your account, or for which your role does not have the necessary permissions, an error is returned. The error will provide information about what that error is. For example, if you attempt to create a service for which you don't have permission an error message is returned saying that you don't have the required permission to save the service. To ensure that the necessary templates are configured for your account, please contact your Account Manager.

Before building a service, plan out what steps need to occur and in what order they should be. For example, a simple subscribe service would first attempt to subscribe the end user, then send one of two messages back to say whether the subscription was successful. If you want to watch a video about creating a service, see Building a Simple Service in Video Tutorials for an example video of building a simple service.

To create a service:

  1. Click the Services tab.
  2. Expand the Service Collection that you want to create the service under by clicking the icon beside the Collection.
    • Alternatively, create a new Service Collection to hold your service.

  3. Click Create Service.

    The Template for new service page appears.

  4. Select Custom to create a custom service, and then click Continue.

    The Service Details page appears, allowing you to set the general properties for the service.

  5. Enter a name for the service, and then click Save.

    The service opens in the service editor. From here you can build the service by dragging and dropping handlers onto the canvas, and then joining the outcomes. You will need to connect your service to the Starting Point before it can go live.

    Note: If you are modifying an existing service, you might have initially created that an older version of the service editor. If you want to continue modifying your service in that older service editor, click Legacy Editor.