Reports & Logs


The Reporting API lets you retrieve our legacy reports programmatically. The operations supported are:

Reports You Can Retrieve



Deactivated Numbers Report

Provides information from some US mobile operators about deactivated phone numbers so that you can keep your subscriber information current.

For a list of operators that provide deactivated numbers, see Handling Deactivated Phone Numbers.

To retrieve reports via the Deact API,use the Get the Deact Report operation.

To find out about the fields in the report, see Deactivated Phone Numbers Report.

MMS reports

Three reports provide information about MMS MTs, including the number submitted, the number successfully forwarded, and the number confirmed downloaded. Information is also provided about the delivery reports we receive and the MOs sent in by end users.

To download, use the Get MMS Reports operation.

To find out about the fields in the reports, see Overview of MMS Messaging Reports.

Mobile Crediting reports

Several types of reports provide information about submitted and processed credit transactions. These reports pertain only to traffic run through UK mobile operators.

To download, use the Get Mobile Crediting Reports operation.

To find out about the fields in the reports, see Overview of Mobile Crediting Reports.

You use the same API to retrieve the Deact report. The API accepts various parameters so that you can specify the date range, etc. The service returns a CSV file format.

The MMS and Mobile Crediting reports are discrete resources, so you'll use different URLs to retrieve them.

Authenticating with the Reporting API

When you make a request, pass a user account username and password that has been provisioned to access the Deact report. For details see Making a request.

Tools for automating report retrieval

You can access the API via any HTTP access library and there are many tools available to help you automate the report download process. Curl and GNU Wget are two examples of free open source tools that you can use.

Following is an example of a script command using Wget to download the Deact Report. If you are using a different version of GNU Wget or another tool you may need to use different parameters.

wget -O --http-user testuser --http-password testpass ""
  • -O — user-defined file name
  • --http-user — OpenMarket username
  • --http-password — OpenMarket password

Example Crediting report scripts

Here are example scripts using Wget and Curl:

  • wget --auth-no-challenge

    "" -O myfile.csv
  • curl

    "" -o myfile.csv