Branded Messaging

OpenMarket is excited to offer Branded Messaging to customers sending SMS messages using our v4 SMS API.

Read this topic for an overview of what Branded Messaging is, why it's valuable, and how it works. To learn more or get started, contact your OpenMarket account manager or OpenMarket Sales.

Why Branded Messaging

A branded message is a message that contains your company logo in addition to the message text. A regular SMS message contains only text, like this: 


A branded message contains your logo and brand colors and looks like this:

And here's how a branded message looks in the end user's inbox: 

Just by including your company brand, your message is more quickly recognized when it's delivered and is more visible within the end user's inbox.

How does Branded Messaging work?

A branded message is technically an RCS message, but it 'starts life' as an SMS message. You send our v4 SMS API a 'send message' request containing a new parameter called campaignId. (We'll set up this ID when you sign up for Branded Messaging.) When the API sees campaignId in a message request, it passes the request to our RCS platform, which evaluates whether the message can be delivered as a branded message. Any end user whose device is RCS-capable will receive the branded message. End users without RCS-capable devices will receive a regular SMS message.

While not all of your customers will experience the branded message, many will, and for them the UX improvement is significant. In addition to this benefit, implementation is surprisingly easy. The only setup task required is to register your brand as a bot. This is required for RCS messaging. Your OpenMarket account manager will assist you in the registration process.

Because Branded Messaging utilizes both the SMS and RCS platforms, you will receive delivery receipts for SMS messages and you can access read receipt data for branded messages. The read receipt data is available in our RCS Detailed report.

For details on how to send a branded message request, see the HTTP Reference.

Branded Messaging compared to MMS and Verified SMS

Branded Messaging is similar to two other messaging channels: MMS and Verified SMS. Here's how they differ from Branded Messaging.

Although an MMS can deliver an image along with text, the message is still sent to end users via a short code or long code. The message is not branded with your company logo or colors. In contrast, when a branded message is delivered it shows your company name as the source of the message. Another difference is that Branded Messaging provides both delivery receipts and access to read receipt data via RCS reporting.

Verified SMS is a Google technology supported on certain Android devices. Like OpenMarket's Branded Messaging, a V-SMS message can include a company name and logo. The UX for a branded message and a V-SMS is very similar. But the two technologies differ in implementation and reach. Branded Messaging utilizes RCS, which is based on a global standard. This means any RCS-compatible device can receive a branded message. In contrast, V-SMS is a Google offering and therefore more proprietary; only devices with Google’s Messaging application and with V-SMS enabled can receive V-SMS messages.

How to get started

For customers using the v4 SMS API, you'll need to work with your OpenMarket account manager to register your brand as a bot. As a result of registration, we'll provide you with a campaign ID that you'll include in your message requests. Our API documentation has been updated so you know precisely how to submit Branded Message requests.

For reporting, you'll continue to use the standard SMS reports to track the messages that are delivered as SMS. You will use the standard RCS reports to track the messages that are delivered as branded messages.