MMS Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) lets you include multimedia content such as images, video, and extra-long text with your mobile message. MMS also lets handset users send you messages with multimedia content. MMS messaging is supported by many mobile operators in the UK, Ireland, US and Australia. If you're sending messages in the UK, you don't need a short code or provisioned number to send MMS messages.

OpenMarket supports two integration options:

  • HTTP — We designed our API to be simple to integrate with. If this is the first time you are integrating with an MMS API, we recommend using HTTP.
  • MM7 — This interface is suitable for customers with experience using MM7. When receiving your MT requests, OpenMarket supports all MM7 versions. For sending MO messages to your platform, we support the following versions: 6.8, 6.1, 5.6 and 5.3.

MMS messaging, including broadcasting MMS messages, is also available through our Mobile Engagement Platform.

How MMS compares to RCS

MMS and RCS share the ability to include multimedia content with a mobile message.

At present, both technologies are limited by the number of mobile operators that support them and the handset's ability to display multimedia content. At present you can send MMS messages to end users in the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia, and you can send RCS messages in the US and Canada, the UK and Northern Ireland, Spain and Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, and several countries in Europe. See the RCS Global Coverage map for more information.

Following are a few key differences between MMS and RCS.




Handset compatibility

If an MMS is sent to a phone that does not support the technology, the message will not be delivered. You would receive an error message in this situation.

The OpenMarket API has the ability to send an RCS message as an SMS if the target handset does not support RCS.

For more information see Features of RCS.

Content caching

Message received

Content is always cached. You can store it on your own host or in OpenMarket's content management system.

For more information see Features of RCS.

Interactive content

Your message can include static multimedia content such as images, video and extra-long text

An RCS message can include the same types of multimedia content as MMS, but can also display it on rich cards, and a message can contain action buttons that eliminate the need for replying with keywords.

For more information see RCS Overview.

Message size and concatenation

Most US mobile operators support a max size of 1 MB (Sprint is 2 MB). All UK and Irish operators support 300 KB, and Australia 400 KB.

Because RCS supports a large file size, message concatenation is typically not needed. However, if your message exceeds 8192 bytes, it will be rejected.

To get started using MMS

Contact your OpenMarket account manager to become provisioned to use OpenMarket MMS. If your business already has an OpenMarket account for SMS, you still need to have MMS added to your account, but we will use your existing account ID and password for authentication purposes.

Support for all types of originators

Originator Type


Short code

This is a five- to six-digit number that works within a specific country. Short codes are popular with marketing and retail use cases, such as sending a message that lets end users opt in to a coupon program.

Virtual mobile numbers (VMN)

Also known as long codes and national numbers, a VMN is a standard mobile phone number. This type of source is often used for two-way messaging. VMNs do not necessarily work the same way in each country, so check with your OpenMarket account manager for details.


Due to their limited throughput (usually one message/second), long codes have been used traditionally for P2P messaging.



(US/Canada only)

A 10-digit long code is like a VMN but it's been specifically configured for A2P messaging in the US. Not all mobile operators support 10DLC.


See 10DLC is Here! for details, and stay in touch with the OpenMarket Blog for regular updates.

Text-enabled landlines and toll-free numbers

(US/Canada only)

Landlines and toll-free numbers can be text-enabled for both SMS and MMS. Using one number for all three channels is useful because your customers can more easily recognize and trust the number. For more information see Support for text-enabled toll-free numbers and landlines.


Not all mobile operators support use of toll-free numbers.

Alphanumeric string This type of originator is used for one-way messaging. You can use it everywhere except the US and Canada.