Change Log



Coming soon 2021 We will be adding support for MMS and RCS reporting to the Analyze menu in Customer Portal.
24 June 2021

Major changes to our reporting tools.

As we continue to migrate away from Customer Center to the new Customer Portal, we have added a new menu in the portal called Analyze. From this menu you can access these reporting tools: 

  • Dashboard — A collection of four SMS data visualizations: Messages (volume of MTs and MOs by date), Country (volume of messages by country and success/failure rates), Latency (volume of messages accepted at a given point in time), and Opt-Out (number of messages to which end users responded with an opt-out request).

  • Partner Insights — Data visualizations designed specifically for our partner-reseller customers. You'll only see this if you are an OpenMarket partner-reseller.

    Reports — This will take you to the traditional reporting tool called Reporting Insights. This tool provides a variety of reports for SMS, MMS, and RCS, as well as the Deactivated Numbers report.

  • Logs — This is our SMS Activity Search tool.

For more details about the most recent changes to Customer Portal and how to use Dashboard, see this Analyze training webinar.

Note: A known issue exists with the data source used by Dashboard and Partner Insights. When you try to access either of these tools, you may see this error: "Unable to proceed because of an error from the data source." We are working to correct this issue. In the meantime please log out, wait 15 minutes and try again.