Change Log



Coming soon 2021 We will be adding support for MMS and RCS reporting to the Analyze menu in Customer Portal.
3 August 2021 Fixed the data sources issue causing the "Unable to proceed because of an error from the data source" message showing when loading a dashboard.
24 June 2021

Major changes to our reporting tools.

As we continue to migrate away from Customer Center to the new Customer Portal, we have added a new menu in the portal called Analyze. From this menu you can access these reporting tools: 

  • Dashboard — A collection of four SMS data visualizations: Messages (volume of MTs and MOs by date), Country (volume of messages by country and success/failure rates), Latency (volume of messages accepted at a given point in time), and Opt-Out (number of messages to which end users responded with an opt-out request).

  • Partner Insights — Data visualizations designed specifically for our partner-reseller customers. You'll only see this if you are an OpenMarket partner-reseller.

    Reports — This will take you to the traditional reporting tool called Reporting Insights. This tool provides a variety of reports for SMS, MMS, and RCS, as well as the Deactivated Numbers report.

  • Logs — This is our SMS Activity Search tool.

For more details about the most recent changes to Customer Portal and how to use Dashboard, see this Analyze training webinar.