Business running an SMS messaging program in Canada must comply with certain industry guidelines and mobile operator policies. Two industry guides you must comply with are the Canadian Common Short Code Application Guidelines and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

All messaging in the Canada is inherently two-way, and alpha-numeric message originators are not allowed. However, a wide variety of message originators are supported, including:

  • Dedicated short codes
  • Text-enabled toll-free numbers
  • Text-enabled landlines

Help with messaging in North America

We've written the following topics to help you with your messaging programs. We endeavor to keep this information up to date; however, because the legislation around messaging often moves rapidly, we cannot warrant or guarantee any compliance information in these topics. Therefore, before launching a program, ensure that you've checked the most recent industry and mobile operator guidelines.

The key details for mobile messaging in Canada are below. We have full one-way reach to all mobile operators in this region. For a datasheet that contains more information, such as best practices and the proportion of subscribers on each mobile operator, please contact us.

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