Balance Alerts and Bill Reminders

By 2017 nearly half of all bank account holders in the US are predicted to use mobile banking as their dominant channel. Enterprises across industries must move in parallel with this trend, and utilize mobile for their customer touchpoints. Bill reminders are a great first step. They enable regular and convenient communication with customers, help prevent late payments and reduce payment processing costs.


With bill payment via the mobile channel on the rise, enterprises need to offer mobile self-service payment options to their customers.

The opportunity to benefit from the power and reach of mobile has presented itself to nearly every major industry, building momentum and driving change within even the most conservative sectors. For enterprises in the financial services industry, the vast majority of customers already own a smartphone―with over one quarter actively using their device to conduct account management activities such as bill pay and account transfers. In addition, most billers are using mobile to enhance and extend customer service.

Despite the readiness of billers and customers to utilize the mobile channel, financial enterprises such as banks, credit unions and investment firms face significant challenges in mobilizing their processes. Chief among these are integration complexities, data security and implementation costs.

To overcome these challenges, enterprises need a solution that enables them to utilize existing, legacy systems. They need a solution that avoids complex, lengthy and costly integration work—and that enables quick time to market for personalized, streamlined and automated communications that work across operational groups and have real customer value.

Solution: Use mobile to improve the customer billing experience.

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform enables you to communicate with your customers more frequently and more proactively. For banking services, mobile is the only practical communications channel for proactively delivering account information and bill reminders. Not only do the timely communications augment customer service and satisfaction, they also help strengthen the relationship with your customers by removing the stigma associated with bill collection.

Integrated with existing billing systems, the platform allows for two-way communications across messaging channels―even allowing bill payment via an SMS message. With a choice of multiple channels including SMS, MMS, push, email and voice, you can use the platform to send messages to one or one million customers around the world, with built-in intelligence to account for time zones and user contact preferences. In contrast to paper-based communications, mobile notifications offer immediate action, reducing resource and float times.

As more and more banking institutions and creditors use multiple communication channels to engage with their customers, enterprises across industries must also advance to meet the evolving expectation.

Benefits: Reduced float, happier customers

  • Forge stronger customer relationships through consistent account notifications based on user preferences
  • Reduce float times and mitigate late payments through a more convenient mobile bill pay process
  • Reduce distribution and handling costs associated with paper bills
  • Streamline communications to keep customers informed and proactive about their accounts
  • Provide personalized communications and offers based on user profiles and preferences

Mobile Engagement in Action: Bill paying power for a power company

A regional utility wants to improve customer satisfaction levels while speeding up bill pay processing. Using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, the utility is able to offer customers billing reminders and mobile payments. Bill reminders are distributed via SMS five days before bills are due. The text messages give customers the option to text back a short code that authorizes payment. When payment authorization is triggered in this way, the platform interfaces with the utility’s billing and CRM system to process the payment.

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