Engage and Remind Moments

Customers grow to love empathetic help and reminders. Customer experience is about being there for your customers – even when they don’t know they need you.

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Send appointment/check-in reminders

Remind your customers when you’re meeting next – and make sure they turn up when you’re expecting them to.

Automate reordering

Make it easy for customers to reorder common purchases. You send them a text. They send you a one-word response. Simple.

Simplify subscription and package pick-ups

Your customer’s order has arrived but they’ve forgotten all about it. Sending an automated text is the best way to share the good news quickly.

Welcome new customers

New customers sometimes need onboarding. SMS is a cheap and unobtrusive way of signposting useful information.

Customer story: Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains know that Euston is one of their busiest stations. They also know that their customers hate queuing. See how they use SMS alerts to solve this problem.


Appointment reminders

When your customers miss appointments, you miss out on revenue. Automated text reminders can help with that.

On average, how many appointments do you schedule every month?

What is your missed appointment rate (averages range from 5-8%)?

What is the average cost of a missed appointment (consider lost revenue and rescheduling costs)?

Impact level
The financial impact of text messaging depends on its execution. Use the slider to see typical rates of ROI.

*On average, text reminders reduce missed appointments by between 10% and 30%

Min Avg Max

Total missed

Total cost of
missed appointments

Reduction in
missed appointments

Financial benefit of reduction in missed appointments/deliveries

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