Connect with customers in the moments that count

Learn how to use SMS, MMS and RCS to make meaningful connections with customers when it matters the most.

We call these Empathetic Moments.

Sales & Marketing Moments

When you simplify and accelerate the purchase process – by removing barriers and offering well-timed incentives.

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Delivery & Confirmation Moments

When you alert your customers to changes in delivery status and adapt to their schedules.

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Engaging & Reminding Moments

When you message your customers in moments that matter to them – whether they’ve forgotten something or need critical information.

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Listening & Enabling Moments

When you give your customers a chance to offer feedback in the most simple way – or grant them the freedom to self-serve.

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Authenticating & Protecting Moments

When you improve your customers’ security with two-factor authentication, reminders and alerts.

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Case studies

See our SMS business solutions in action. Find out how businesses are using SMS to deliver more empathetic interactions.

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