Sales and Marketing Moments

Mobile messaging is perfect for payments and purchases. Connect with customers at vital points in the buyer journey – when they’re browsing, buying and paying.

Send promotions and coupons

Promotions and coupons can be easily lost in people’s inboxes or mailboxes. Send a text message and they’ll never be missed.

Confirm payments

Let your customers know when you’re taking money out of their account with texts that confirm impending payments.

Send bill reminders

Everyone forgets about bills. Give your customers a friendly nudge with well-timed texts.

Share product information

You’ve just launched a new product. A quick text is the best way to get the word out.

Offers and promotions

Texting customers special offers and promotional messages they’d appreciate receiving is a smart way to increase sales.

How many people are on your marketing list?

What is your average basket size/sales price?

What is your average profit margin on each sale?

Impact level
The financial impact of text messaging depends on its execution. Use the slider to see typical rates of ROI.

*The average conversion ranges from 2-8%

Min Avg Max

Number of impressions you
make on your list

Number of

total revenue

Estimated total profit

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