Delivery and Confirmation Moments

Smooth delivery communications help you and your customers. Tell your customers where you are and when you’ll reach them – while adapting to their plans along the way.

Check contact details

Confirm you have the right customer address with a quick text. It’s more direct than email and less intrusive than calling.

Confirm shipping and deliveries

Your customers want to know when they can expect their order.

Reschedule deliveries

Cut out missed deliveries by allowing your customers to book new dates and times.

Ensure orders are correct

The wrong order details can lead to disappointed customers and lost sales.

Confirm reservations

Send guests a text to make sure they’re on their way.


Customer story: Fortune 100 retailer

Missed deliveries were messing with this retailer’s pipeline so they decided to do something about it. See how SMS solved their problem.


Delivery notifications

Missed deliveries are bad for you and your customers. Giving customers the option to confirm or rearrange delivery times via text delights them and can save you a fortune.

How many deliveries do you attempt on average each month?

What is your current missed delivery rate (averages range between 15-20%)?

What is the cost of the average missed delivery (taking into account customer service, shipping and labour costs)?

Impact level
The financial impact of text messaging depends on its execution. Use the slider to see typical rates of ROI.

*Giving customers the chance to rearrange deliveries by text reduces missed deliveries by 15% to 35%.

Min Avg Max

Total missed

Total cost of
missed deliveries

Reduction in
missed deliveries

Financial benefit of reduction in missed deliveries

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