Authenticating and Protecting Moments

The 2FA & security solution that’s simply the best. No dongles. No drama. Just neat, simple security.

Simplify two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA is one of the best ways to protect your customers’ data. Text messaging is the simplest way of putting it into practice.

Automate fraud alerts

If you suspect fraud, you need to act fast. Automated text alerts are the quickest way to confirm transactions and authorise account activity.

Streamline the password-reset process

Help your customers update their passwords regularly. Send them friendly reminders.

Ease the stress of forgetting passwords

Improve the customer experience and shorten your support queue with secure self-service for forgotten passwords.

Customer story: FICO

Data analytics company FICO wanted to take the fight to fraudsters while improving its customer experience. See how SMS helped them achieve their goals. Read our case study now.


Self-service password or log-in issues

Managing password or log-in issues on the phone can be costly. This is a perfect text messaging opportunity.

How many customers do you have (approximately)?

What is the average percentage of customers contacting you each month regarding login or password issues (average is between 5 – 8%)

How much does it cost to manage each call (average is between $6 and $8)?

Impact level
The financial impact of text messaging depends on its execution. Use the slider to see typical rates of ROI.

*Text messaging reduces password or login-related calls by 10% to 25%.

Min Avg Max

Total cost of
current call volume

Reduction in
call volume

Cost savings of reduction in call volume

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