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OpenMarket – January 6, 2021

10DLC is finally here! And we’re excited to announce that you can start sending 10DLC traffic through Numbers, our new 10DLC tool, right now.

This is big news because some US carriers will soon no longer allow businesses to message customers on long codes designed for person-to-person (P2P) messaging. Businesses will also have to move traffic from shared short codes.

So if dedicated short codes aren’t right for your campaigns, then 10DLC routes are the new way to stay in touch with customers.

That’s where our new Numbers 10DLC tool comes in. It ensures that moving your existing long-code traffic is as smooth can be, while getting started with new campaigns couldn’t be easier.

Reach out to learn more about our 10DLC tool – then get up and running in minutes.

Everything you need for 10DLC

This tool has everything you need to buy and register a 10DLC number, register your brand, submit your campaign use case – then start messaging. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your 10DLC needs. It will let you:

  • Search for and purchase multiple 10DLC numbers
  • Migrate your existing long codes
  • Register brand, campaign and use-case information
  • File campaign briefs with the US carriers
  • Obtain a trust score to increase throughput of your campaigns
  • View status of campaigns and which 10DLCs are assigned to them
  • View a summary of all your 10DLCs (and all other originators)

Numbers helps you complete all necessary steps to ensure your 10DLC messaging is compliant with all the carrier rules. Not every US carrier has the exact same requirements, but follow the processes in the tool, and you will be covered.

Is 10DLC right for you?

If you’re still not entirely sure if 10DLC is the right messaging solution for your organization, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of resources to help you out.

Watch our 1-minute video to learn about the benefits of 10DLC compared with short codes. Or answer a few questions about your messaging needs with our online self-assessment tool.

How Numbers can help

From buying numbers in bulk, to uploading multiple numbers at once for migration, the Numbers makes it easy to get started.

It’s perfect if you have multiple brands, or if you operate in different areas, and want to communicate with your customers via a local number. You can use Numbers to choose whichever area code you want in the US, and a list of available numbers will appear. Then you simply pick your numbers and get started.

Time is running out

For those new to the 10DLC story, here’s some background. The main US carriers – T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon – have been talking about moving traffic to 10DLC routes for a few years. In December 2020, all their 10DLC services went live. OpenMarket now has agreements in place with them all.

Soon carriers will enforce a migration of traffic from shared short codes and long codes designed for person-to-person use. Ultimately, this is to protect end customers from spam and unwanted traffic. (By requiring businesses to register their brand and campaign details, as well as the numbers they use to send messages, lines can be kept clean.)

The benefits of 10DLC

Bear in mind the benefits of this new number. Sending messages via the carriers’ 10DLC services gives you access to SMS and MMS routes specially designed for business traffic.

This means using a 10DLC number will enable you to send messages to large audiences – in the knowledge that they will be delivered to customer inboxes in seconds.

Your next move

Now is the time to get started. Learn more about 10DLC and how to make your next move here.

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