Branded Messaging: a stepping-stone to rich business messaging

Upgrade your messaging – the easy way 

OpenMarket – June 24, 2020

The age of rich business messaging is here. CX leaders across the world are starting to deliver video-rich, interactive, app-like experiences to customer inboxes.

This is an inevitable journey any brand that cares about CX will need to take in the near future. It can be made smooth and straightforward if you’re with the right mobile messaging solutions provider.

But there’s a shortcut you might want to consider too – a solution that acts as a stepping-stone to rich messaging.

Start with Branded Messaging

It’s called Branded Messaging – a new service that lets you send an SMS which arrives in a customer inbox, complete with company logo and brand name.

It gives your customers a more recognizable and engaging messaging experience – not to mention a greater sense of trust and confidence that they’re dealing with you rather than a fraudster.

Branded Messages are sent by you as SMS messages. Then our new indigo multi-channel mobile messaging platform converts them to RCS in transit – with no technical work needed on your side.

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Your rich messaging testing ground

Branded Messaging gives your SMS messages a standout presence in that most intimate, immediate and accessible channel: the customer’s messaging inbox.

And it gives you the chance to test the rich messaging waters too.

You can think of the journey from simple text messaging to rich messaging in four steps:

  1. SMS – simple text messaging
  2. Branded Messaging – with your logo and branding
  3. Simple rich messaging – with buttons, surveys, open-a-browser links, appointment booking
  4. Full rich messaging – with additional media, carousels, two-way AI-powered chatbots and live customer care

Branded Messaging helps you take that leap from SMS to a richer messaging experience – with no hassle, and no extra tech investment necessary.

All you need is a campaign ID (our account teams will sort that for you) and we take care of the rest too.

So don’t be daunted by the prospect of upgrading your mobile messaging. Take your first step with our Branded Messaging service – powered by indigo.

Check out our Branded Messaging page for more details.

Or get in touch to speak with an expert.

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