Buy new 10DLC numbers or migrate long codes to 10DLC

How to move your long-code traffic to codes approved for SMS and MMS business messaging

OpenMarket – May 31, 2021

It’s time for businesses in the US to start using 10-digit long codes – the phone number specially designed for automated SMS and MMS business messaging.

And the good news is, everything is in place for you to purchase new 10DLC numbers or migrate your existing long codes quickly and simply – via Numbers, OpenMarket’s self-service 10DLC tool.

It’s time to migrate your long codes

First off, here’s why moving to 10DLC is so important. US carriers will soon no longer allow businesses to message customers on long codes designed for person-to-person (P2P) messaging. Businesses will also be required to move traffic from shared short codes. Ultimately, this is to protect carriers’ end customers from spam and unwanted traffic.

Either dedicated short codes or A2P (application-to-person) 10DLC routes are the main alternatives. To use 10DLC routes, brands must register themselves and their messaging use cases – and satisfy other vetting requirements. That’s where the Numbers 10DLC tool comes in.

10DLC migration and more

All the major US carriers – Verizon, AT&T and New T-Mobile (which includes Sprint) – are live with their 10DLC services. OpenMarket has agreements in place with them all.

Numbers lets you do everything you need to send and receive messages via 10DLC. This includes:

  • Search for and purchase multiple 10DLC numbers
  • Migrate your existing long codes
  • Register brand, campaign and use-case information
  • File a campaign brief with the US carriers that ask for it
  • Obtain a trust score to increase throughput of your campaigns
  • View status of campaigns and which 10DLCs are assigned to them
  • View a summary of your owned 10DLCs (and all other originators)

Migrate your long code traffic to 10DLC – easily

For the past 18 months, we’ve been developing our 10DLC tool to make the switch easy for you. In fact, many OpenMarket customers have already started using the tool to register numbers in preparation for the moment when the major US carriers launch their 10DLC services.

Now that these 10DLC services are ready, everything is in place for you. So if you’re already using long codes or shared short codes for campaigns that aren’t suitable for dedicated short codes – now’s the time to move to 10DLC. Our 10DLC tool is here to help – and so are our account teams.

The benefits of migrating P2P long codes to 10DLC

Being able to migrate a number you already own, and convert it to 10DLC, means minimal disruption for your customers (who might have become used to your long code numbers). Moving over numbers will also be useful if you have some advertising budget behind them.

Migrate multiple long code numbers to 10DLC – in one go

The Numbers 10DLC tool lets you upload multiple numbers at once for migration. You can then immediately use the tool to register your brand and your campaign briefs with the appropriate use cases.

IF you’re an SMS business moving long codes to 10DLC. . .

Mobile messaging solutions providers who want to move a long code they already own – and convert it to 10DLC via Numbers – can either:

– Migrate their number to OM using our NNID
– Host their number with OM using their NNID

Buying 10DLC numbers in bulk

The Numbers tool also lets you buy new 10DLC numbers in bulk. This might be important if you have multiple brands, or if you operate in different areas, and want to communicate with your customers via a local number. You can use Numbers to choose whichever area code you want in the US, and a list of available numbers will appear. Then you simply pick your numbers and get started.

Safe and compliant 10DLC messaging

Remember, all these steps are necessary to ensure your 10DLC messaging is compliant with all the carriers’ various requirements. In short, the tool helps businesses identify who they are to the carrier networks and what messages they are sending.

Not every carrier has the exact same requirements, but follow the process in the tool, and you will be covered.

Who should be using 10DLC?

As mentioned, the US carriers are also working towards eliminating the vast majority of traffic sent via shared short codes. For clues on which type of number might suit your use case best, watch our 1-minute video or you can use our online wizard.

Or if you’d like to discuss how to start sending messages via short codes, or through our 10DLC tool, get in touch here.

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