First Day at Work – OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series

OpenMarket – December 8, 2016

SMS is a great tool to use and interact with employees, consumers or clients, with over 6 billion people globally having SMS technology enabled and ready to use on their mobile handsets – be they smartphones or not. Overall, 95% of all SMS text messages are read (Frost & Sullivan), versus just 20% of emails.

However, most global businesses prefer to focus on voice and email instead of SMS. This week’s edition of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series focuses on these facts and takes a bird’s eye view at how a conversation about SMS and email tends to go in an average business.

OpenMarket SMS Mobile Messaging SMS Stats tips Cartoon strip 5

Sam, the SMS expert of our story, talks to Mr. Sneed about the incredible ‘read’ rate of SMS during his first day at work, only to find the conversation gets diverted to email!

Later on that day, when Sam gets home and talks to his wife Jane and his grandmother (Gran) about his struggle at work, they suggest an unusual solution to get the message across to Mr. Sneed.

OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Strip 6

When Mr. Sneed receives a text message about the efficiency of SMS, it all suddenly makes sense to him.

At OpenMarket, we hear clients say “we wish we’d thought about SMS sooner,” though most enterprises choose to invest in new, eye-catching apps, email or voice solutions before looking at how smart, interactive SMS could help.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation to Sam? Or have you ever thought like Mr. Sneed?

In next week’s episode, Sam gets a text alert that makes him squirm. What could it be about? Come back next week to find out!

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