GDPR: why nailing communications is a must for compliance

OpenMarket – August 31, 2017

GDPR means you’ll need to interact with your customers in ways you’ve never had to before.

For a start, you’ll need to respond to their requests to access, erase or update personal data. And in the unlikely event of a breach, you’ll need to get in touch to let them know.

This means you must work out how you’re going to send, manage and react to a whole host of new messages.

And while there are plenty of ways to connect with your customers, you need to choose a method that works for both you and them. Otherwise you’ll have more problems to solve down the line.

From your perspective, sending, managing and replying to messages needs to be a simple process that doesn’t cost a lot of money. After all, complying with GDPR is complicated and expensive enough already.

From your customers’ perspective, sending messages needs to be easy – they don’t want to jump through hoops to get at their data.

The good news? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to address these challenges.

Text – a practical solution

Text is a practical solution to the challenge of GDPR communications that works for both your business and your customers.

It works for your business because it’s quick, easy and cheap.

Planning and distributing messages is simple, meaning you can get up and running fast. And as responses can be automated it’s easy to manage going forward.

And it’s cheap because you don’t need to spend money developing anything new, like a webpage or an app. You just tap into a channel you know your customers use.

The simplicity of text also benefits your customers. They don’t need to follow a complicated process, download anything or visit a website to get in touch. They just reach for their phone and send you a message.

One less thing to worry about

Developing a GDPR communications plan may not be at the top of your agenda but it’s something you need to consider. It’s a big part of meeting key requirements and becoming compliant.

The good news is that getting it right doesn’t have to be another compliance-related headache. Choose text as your channel for GDPR messages and you can solve the problem with minimal hassle and expense.

Sound good? For more information on our GDPR communications package, drop us a line below. We’d love to help.

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