Global SMS Carrier Relations – A Profile for Success

OpenMarket – November 10, 2014

It is alluring, at first glance, when you think of the Global SMS manager travelling the world in search of the best carrier connectivity, the most reliable routing and the supremely competitive commercial rates, but there is a plethora of not-so glamorous and rigorous duties that need to be managed in order to complete this unique role. I would like to share with you a distinctive set of attributes (or quirks) that I have found works for me, and that, perhaps, can be adapted to your own working style to obtain Global SMS Carrier Relations nirvana!

Signature Outfit(s)

Make a definitive statement. Show your confidence. Guarantees an easy follow-up meeting because they will NEVER forget you!

stef - suit1bstef - suit2b

By flashing your signature style, you will have created a lasting impression that supersedes a simple business acquaintance; you will have created a unique relationship.

Hit the Gym

This is essential to rid yourself of that decadent chocolate dessert, or the large amount of fried food at dinner, or those last two glasses of wine. Exercise clears the mind, lets you reflect on the upcoming day, or yesterday’s happenings, and prepares your body for the next set of energy draining demands that you will probably impose on it.

Gym – get in there!

Walk in My Shoes

They can be either comfortable or stylish, (hard to find both in a shoe), but make sure your shoes do not overshadow your Signature Outfit. There is lots of walking involved, so you do not need to be seen limping around the conference hall. Choose wisely.

Embrace Small Talk

By engaging at every level, not just about your business, you become more personable, more real, more approachable and trustworthy. By embracing the art of small talk, you will know just enough about a lot of subjects to engage your contacts about their hobbies and passions, or current trends and world news.

The Expertise

There are many ways to send your SMS into a country, but understanding the differences, difficulties and nuances with each routing option is of paramount importance. Sometimes the most direct way is not necessarily the most reliable way and you have to carefully consider all of your customers’ requirements, both technical and commercial, before moving ahead with a new connection. Bring your inner expertise out….BE the Expert! 

A Global View

Leverage the fact that you’ve lived in more than one country and understand that cultures differ. You have unique knowledge of languages, sometimes just enough to get you into trouble, sometimes totally fluent. You know that just talking “loudly and slowly” does not make it easier for someone from another country to understand you. Your ear is trained to detect dialects and accents and engage that person at their level, not yours.

Flexible Outlook

Meetings often get cancelled or re-arranged at the last minute. Having a flexible schedule and attitude will allow you to fit in those sudden changes wherever possible. Nothing is a problem – you are a solution and you are a problem solver. Now prove it.

Lend an Ear

This is an art that many seem to have forgotten in their eagerness to make their point of view known. Letting others talk allows you to make pertinent points that show empathy, synergy and an understanding of their issues and business problems. Relax, smile, listen, and enjoy your conversation.

I hope you find these tips useful on your journey to Global SMS Carrier Relations nirvana!

If you are a global enterprise looking to send SMS to customers and/or employees around the world and you’re looking for some expert help, then please contact us here.

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