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OpenMarket – July 23, 2020

How well do you understand your mobile messaging campaigns?

Our guess is not too well. You might have a limited amount of delivery data, but raw data alone doesn’t cut it.

You need to be able to turn messaging data into messaging insights, and to interact with them easily.

Now you can do all that with indigo Insights.

Understand your traffic. Optimize your campaigns.

Powered by the indigo multi-channel messaging platform, indigo Insights is where you can harness tools to help you understand your messaging data.

With real-time querying, data visualizations and in-depth reports, you can quickly get a picture of customer behavior and campaign performance ­– and use those insights to improve your messaging performance.

Three levels of insight

OpenMarket customers and partners can choose from three indigo Insights plans: Core, Premium and Custom.

Core is the free plan that gives you ready-made dashboards and reports.

You can get an at-a-glance understanding of your messaging traffic with the SMS volume dashboard.

You can dive deeper into performance data with the country and success rates dashboard.

And the spam insights package gives you a daily view of data from the AT&T 7726 spam report. You can set up automated email alerts to notify you whenever one of your codes appears on the spam report.

Premium takes the insights up a level.

The first insights package available on our Premium plan is called Partner Insights. It’s designed for SMS aggregators and mobile messaging solutions providers that send messages in the US via OpenMarket’s network. But some of the capabilities are also relevant to large enterprises that send high volumes of their own messages.

When it comes to larger messaging volumes, issues like spam and other risk factors are even more critical. So this Premium package helps SMS businesses stay on top of any potential issues around non-compliance with carrier guidelines or campaign briefs.

As well as all the benefits of the Core plan, the Premium plan gives you extra features like:

  • Daily word clouds – Showing the top 30 words per short code, so you can understand how it’s really being used.
  • URLs and brand mentions – So you know who you’re sharing the codes with, even if they only make a single appearance.
  • Campaign brief compliance checks – To make sure you and your customers are following the plan agreed with the carrier.
  • Prohibited word monitoring – To identify any prohibited or questionable language.
  • Enhanced data visualizations – When you want to get even smarter with your reports.

Custom is where you can create tailor-made insights to suit your individual needs.

You can combine different parts of the other insights packages or work with our team of data experts to design something from scratch.

Align your reporting with your specific business objectives or create unique reporting capabilities. In other words, put our experts to the test.

Ready to make better messaging decisions?

Dig deeper into indigo Insights to learn how.

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