Introducing indigo – Ready for integrated mobile messaging channels?

It’s time for businesses to roll out mobile channels - specifically SMS, MMS and RCS more widely

OpenMarket – June 24, 2020

Skyrocketing business-to-consumer mobile messaging traffic has garnered a lot of media attention over the past few years.

But at OpenMarket, we haven’t marvelled at these growing traffic volumes.

Instead, we’ve been asking ourselves why they haven’t risen even faster. After all, we know consumers love the bill reminders, delivery alerts, one-time passcodes and other SMS interactions and use cases that are replacing call center communications and emails.

And we know businesses benefit from the close relationships and lowered costs made possible by mobile messaging – and that they want to roll out messaging more widely.

So back to the question: Why aren’t business mobile messaging traffic volumes rising even faster?

Effortless mobile interactions

We believe that for too long, it’s been too difficult for brands to roll out mobile messaging use cases across the breadth of their businesses.

The problem has been a lack of time and technical personnel to navigate the complex global messaging ecosystem and to set up automated conversations.

This problem has been compounded by the recent emergence of OTT and rich messaging channels. Businesses have been crying out for a simple, centralized way to manage an increasingly complex array of channels and technologies.

That’s why we’ve spent the last few years creating a new multi-channel mobile messaging platform called indigo.

Discover indigo

Introducing indigo

The indigo multi-channel mobile messaging platform makes it easy for non-technical teams to create and roll out best-practice messaging use cases – across SMS text messages, MMS picture messages – and app-like “rich messaging” channels. More channels are coming very soon.

indigo even lets businesses send out SMS campaigns, which arrive in consumers’ messaging inboxes with their brand logo.

The platform features templated campaigns, in-built best-practice insights, artificial intelligence, and an interface to one of the world’s most reliable global messaging networks – offering access to around 250 countries across the world.

We believe indigo is going to help brands adopt mobile messaging more easily and quickly expand its use across more of their business. And because there will be less need for technical expertise and development work, the costs associated with setting up interactions should fall.

The even better news is that the platform is going to keep improving. Solutions such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, customer intent mapping, and more advanced personalization capabilities are around the corner for indigo.

The era of mobile messaging and CX

Over the past 20 years, OpenMarket has focused on getting messages delivered reliably and quickly across the world. Now we want to open up our network more directly to the CX experts that can make a real difference to consumers’ lives.

Few mobile solution providers are in the position to launch this type of global platform. indigo is encoded with insights gained from 100 billion messages transported by OpenMarket over 20 years. And it’s connected to our unrivalled global messaging network – famous for its reach, speed and reliability.

What’s your next move?

For current OpenMarket customers, not much will change. We’ll keep you updated as new upgrades, features and dashboards become available.

For those that don’t yet work with us, get in touch. Our team will tell you all you need to know. Alternatively we’ve written a guide all about indigo

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