Mission Impossible: A Frictionless Life?

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, OpenMarket – January 6, 2016

Mission Impossible frictionless mobile engagementI was travelling back from San Diego last month after attending a conference. It’s a 14 hour flight back from the US to where I live in Sydney, Australia, so films are your friend. I watched Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and it was so good, I watched it a second time. Yes, the flight is LONG!

During my second viewing, my mind wandered a bit and I was rather taken by Mr Hunt’s existence, peril and jeopardy aside. He seemed to have a limitless supply of the newest technology, always there when he needed it, he drives a BMW, although to be honest he seems to own the whole dealership. He travels seamlessly: never gets held up in baggage reclaim. Visa issues don’t appear to plague his frequent continent swapping, and I don’t remember seeing him having to unblock his credit card at any point during the film.

This felt very different to my life. His mission, albeit often impossible, is to save the world. At OpenMarket, our mission revolves around helping to simplify people’s lives by transforming annoying and hasslesome communication with the companies they have to interact with on a daily basis, into a smooth and pleasant experience. We do this using mobile messaging.

We help you transform your customers’ lives into the frictionless life of Ethan Hunt, and in the process, we delight them and reduce cost for you. If you want to transform your customers’ lives in a similar way, please get in touch and we’ll take you through the sorts of customer journeys we power for companies around the world.

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