The new OpenMarket story

We’re excited to have a brand that represents where we want to go by helping enterprise businesses improve their customer engagement experiences with mobile messaging.

OpenMarket – March 21, 2017

This year is a big one for OpenMarket. We’ve come a long way since we first launched our company and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. But we know we need to keep evolving – with the market, our customers and our partners – to expand our service offerings and make sure we’re leading the mobile messaging industry.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new OpenMarket brand. It represents where we are as a business now – and where we want to go by helping enterprise businesses improve their customer engagement experiences with mobile messaging.

Introducing… Empathetic Interactions

The next chapter in the OpenMarket story is summarized by a simple concept: Empathetic Interactions.

In our busy and complicated world, simplicity is often overlooked. But the simple way is sometimes the best. Empathetic Interactions are moments when a simple, intuitive text message can make all the difference for consumers – whether it’s a last minute flight change, a parcel delivery notification, or an appointment reminder.

Each of these tiny moments in life could represent a major headache for a customer – but giving her the right information at the right time with a simple text means you’re making her life easier. And as small and simple as that text may seem, it’s exactly the kind of communication that matters most to people – a quick, clear messages that makes their daily life easier.

By going the extra mile – giving customers the information they need in the channel they prefer – brands show their consumers they care. It’s no surprise that the brands using mobile messaging for engagement are seeing customer satisfaction rates increase.

The New Tech Landscape

New technologies – specifically, SMS chatbots and Rich Communication Services (RCS) – are driving our new story.
Chatbots and RCS are both ‘new’ communication tools. But it’s more than likely you’ve already interacted with both, showing their market momentum and rapid adoption.

Here’s a brief introduction to these new tech developments explaining why they’re so exciting:

•    RCS: People call RCS an “upgrade” to SMS, but we prefer to call it the next evolution of SMS. RCS uses SMS technology to deliver consumers an enhanced messaging experience including group chat capabilities, high resolution photo sharing, video chat, and of course, the standard read receipts and person typing indicators. Read our blog on RCS for more information.

•    Chatbots: Simple chatbots that provide automated services through a messaging interface have been around for a little while. But the most powerful feature of next-gen smart chatbot technology is that the bots can learn from their interactions with human users – and become smarter. Chatbots can record past exchanges and make logical assumptions for the future based on these outcomes. As a result, the opportunities in marketing, advertising, and customer service are endless. Read our blog on chatbots to get the full story.

Find Out More

So, now you know the new OpenMarket story – and the new technologies powering it.

You can read the full Empathetic Interactions story in the new eBook on our revamped website.

Please let us know your thoughts on the new us.

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