OpenMarket’s new CEO Jonathan Morgan shares his vision for the future of communications

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, OpenMarket – April 17, 2018

OpenMarket’s new CEO Jonathan Morgan’s two decades of enterprise technology experience has taught him a lot about the power of mobile. His advice to brands going forward? Focus on the customer. Focus on empathy.

We’ve reached a key moment for customer communications. A revolution is here, for both technology and the expectation of the customer.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to compete, human connection is crucial for a brand to differentiate itself in the market and deliver an exceptional experience.

My priority is not just to make 2018 the year of the customer. I want this to be the year of empathy. The year we stopped talking so much about technology and started using it to communicate with our customers at exactly the right time, and in exactly the right place – in the way that’s exactly right for them. It’s what we call an Empathetic Interaction.

The big leap forward is already here

The customer should be at the heart of any business – no matter what you’re selling.

The best brands I’ve come across have always strived to meet expectations on their customer’s terms. Never forcing the customer to work around the brand.

As we venture further into a world of always-on consumers, apps, and instant messaging, it’s easy to forget about that simple, basic principle. It’s what we call an Empathetic Interaction.

Empathy creates experiences

Empathy isn’t about the channel you use. It’s about how you use it. Your communications need to be convenient and useful to actually solve your customer’s problems.

That’s why this is such an exciting time. Interesting technologies like RCS (Rich Communication Services) are making it easier than ever to give customers everything they need, when they need it, in a very personal way. To show your customers you really are thinking of them.

I want OpenMarket to be right at the forefront of this digital communications transformation. By leveraging our global ecosystem of partners and developers, we can help our customers to deliver empathy at scale to their consumers.

Leading an exciting new era at OpenMarket  

For these reasons, I couldn’t be more excited to lead OpenMarket into its next chapter. The global messaging space is vast and we, as an industry, have a unique opportunity to reset the benchmark for customer experience.

But this won’t be achieved simply through technology alone. The best brands will always blend the latest tech with real understanding and good, old-fashioned humanity. Giving customers what they want, before they even realize they need it.

So, here’s to the year of the customer, and to empathetic interactions.

This is a great moment to work in customer communications.

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