OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series – Sam’s search for a plumber proves content is key with SMS

OpenMarket – January 19, 2017

Getting the message right is really important when using SMS for your business. In this latest installment of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series, Sam is impressed with his chosen plumber’s use of text messaging to confirm his upcoming appointment.

sms cartoon visualsms cartoon visualsms cartoon visual

That is until he realizes the message gives only very vague details and is actually really frustrating. Jane however finds another plumber that quickly texts back with his name, qualifications and the exact time he will call to arrange an appointment. I know which plumber I’d choose.

SMS is a great tool for businesses that have appointment reminder and scheduling requirements. Not only does it reduce a business’ no-show rate, but it significantly increases customer satisfaction. Our research shows that 62% of millennials prefer to receive texts for appointment reminders above all else.

Unfortunately, not all businesses understand how to use SMS effectively and fail to consider the actual content of the message. At the heart of an effective mobile strategy is the delivery of the right message to the right people at the right time. It’s critical to select the channel that’s optimal for each point in the customer journey for each type of customer.

Ask yourself, what type of content are you sending?  There isn’t a one-channel-fits-all answer to your messaging needs. Most businesses, like Eric’s, find that they require two or three different channels that complement each other. SMS works in most cases, but there are times when other channels might be better. Know when to use each medium and recognize that a mixture of channels may be necessary.

In the final episode of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series Sam gets a ‘filthy’ surprise.

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