OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series – Sam Gets a ‘Filthy’ Surprise

OpenMarket – January 26, 2017

There’s more surprises from Gran in the final installment of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series.


This week Sam receives a loyalty reward via SMS. It’s for two tickets to see the little-known band ‘Parcel of Filth.’ Sam’s wife Jane politely declines, but guess who surprisingly loves ‘The Filth’? It’s Gran of course.

SMS is a great way to update customers on their loyalty program and rewards. Just like Sam, nearly half of US internet users prefer receiving loyalty-related messages via SMS*.

There is no better way to announce a product sale, give a loyalty reward or make promotional offers than via SMS marketing. Digital coupons can be delivered instantly to a mobile device, and all they need to do is flash the phone to redeem. Letting a loyal customer know their favorite item on back-order is now in stock or that their special order has arrived is also a natural fit for SMS.

SMS is the preferred channel for consumers because it’s easy, convenient and familiar to use. They don’t have to download an app to receive a retailer’s latest offers or updates, and an SMS won’t get lost in someone’s inbox like email might.

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* According to 3Cinteractive research from March 2016

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