OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series – Sam gets a shock

OpenMarket – December 22, 2016

Sam has obviously been doing a lot of holiday shopping. In this latest installment of the OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series, Sam receives some horrifying news via SMS …his bank balance.


When Sam receives this critical text messaging alert, his wife and grandmother assume the worst. However, Sam’s bank has just delivered a positive interaction via SMS, saving Sam the time and energy of having to talk to a bank representative or physically make a visit to his local branch to discuss his account status.

SMS is fast becoming a must-have tool for banks to stay competitive and increase engagement with their valued customers. Convenience is a big deal when individuals are searching for a bank. If they have to go through a long, drawn-out process just to find out how much money is in their account (or to even set-up an account), they’re going to take their business elsewhere.

When a customer can control things like account transfers and balance inquiries using text messaging, they’re able to streamline complicated tasks and focus on other important responsibilities in their personal life. People expect their bank to offer simple, convenience and safe services, and SMS enables them to do just that.

Now Sam can keep his breakdowns confined to the comfort of his own home – and continue receiving important bank alerts via SMS.

In the next episode, Gran shows Sam just how young at heart she really is.

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