Sam Gets the Job – OpenMarket SMS Cartoon Series

OpenMarket – November 30, 2016

In our third week of the SMS Cartoons Series (check out week one and week two if you’re not up to date), we get an insight into the conversation between Sam and his wife, Jane. Sam is delighted to find out he’s been offered the job with ABC Communications, but needs to notify his current boss of the change. Could SMS be the best way to get in touch about it?!

SMS Cartoons Mobile Engagement Customer Experience

At OpenMarket we believe SMS is the most effective mobile engagement platform for enterprise communications, but advise our clients to only use it in the right context, at the right time and ensure it’s personalised for the receiver.

Would you share this type of job news via SMS? What are the most relevant situations for SMS?

In next week’s episode, Sam starts his new job at ABC Communications – what could SMS come in handy for? Come back next week to find out!

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