A US SMS Campaign Audit and You: What it is and What to Do!

OpenMarket – July 19, 2016

(from the desk of Matt Heinz – Audit & Compliance Manager, Carrier Relations North America)

Your US SMS campaign passed certification testing and live traffic has been running over your short code for a few months now. Everything is going well, when out of the blue you receive an email like this one:

Good Morning –

OpenMarket is doing a follow up on all outstanding WMC audits. Audit MM-12345 has remained open with WMC since 2016-01-01, and will require your immediate attention. Please log in to the WMC Portal at usportal.wmcglobal.com/ims, review the contents of audit MM-12345 and respond accordingly.

 Cause for Audit:

 No clear indication of privacy policy on website:  http://www.compliance.com


 Uh oh, your campaign is being audited! What does this mean?

Compliance, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines

The wireless super-power CTIA performs audits on all live campaigns to ensure the customer experience reflects the most current industry guidelines and that you accurately state the purpose of your campaign. When live campaigns are deployed in the market by carriers, they are tracked and audited. If your campaign is non-compliant, you will receive an audit from the CTIA.

Why are you receiving an audit?

Perhaps your website has been updated and some piece of compliant information has been removed? Perhaps you’ve sold the use of your short code to a 3rd party, and they are running an unapproved website or sending unapproved messages? Either way, something was found to be out of compliance and the CTIA is requesting that it be addressed.


Why are you being contacted by the OpenMarket Carrier Relations team?

All severity 1 and severity 2 audits should be resolved within 5 business days. Audits that are not resolved within the appropriate time frame are subject to further action, which may include suspension of your short code. OpenMarket seeks to reduce any action being taken against our customers, so we will always attempt to contact you, prior to the cure date, to expedite the closure. Thus, when you see that audit letter, please respond ASAP!

How do I address the audit?

Once you’ve addressed the issues outlined in the audit, log into the WMC Global portal, locate your audit and log your response. The CTIA will follow up with you and let you know whether the audit is closed, or if they require additional changes.

If you don’t have an account, head over to the WMC Global home page and create one. Credentials will be provided to you within 48 hours. Keep in mind, it’s important to register from an email domain that matches your company name, otherwise you will not receive audit notifications from the CTIA.

OpenMarket strives to help our customers maintain market compliance. In fact, OpenMarket leads the industry in audit closures, hands down. If you have questions or concerns about your audit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help!

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