Creating a mobile shipping alerts solution

Let's face facts: your competitors are already have SMS shipping alerts, so you need a solution — fast.

The most successful brands have embraced mobile messaging for their delivery and shipping communication, which means customers have higher expectations than ever before. Whether they’ve ordered a jacket, tickets or a tablet, they expect to know exactly when their goods will arrive — and have the option to easily reschedule delivery if their plans change.

So you know you need mobile messaging — but you’re wondering whether it’ll be months or even years before you’ve rolled out solutions across all your regions, leaving your brand in the dust.

Never fear — it takes mere moments to set up a delivery notifications workflow in MEP. Which means all you need to do is sign-up with OpenMarket, hook up your CRM system (so that it tells us when to send a text), and check that your customers have mobile phones you can message (ahhh, yup!).

And you can easily personalize messages, add more regions, and make the messaging two-way at a moment’s notice.

Check how it all works inside MEP in this video.