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10DLC (10-digit long code)
A number approved by US carriers for business messaging

Short code
Five or six-digit numbers favored by brands with large audiences

Landline and toll-free numbers adapted for both voice and mobile messaging

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Try our online tool to find out the right number to use for your US campaigns.

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Brands soon won’t be allowed to use shared short codes and US long codes for business messaging. Here’s a comprehensive guide that details your alternatives.

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A2P 10DLC is here

10DLC is an A2P (application to person) messaging number you can use instead of shared short codes or person-to-person long codes. Our self-service 10DLC tool is called Numbers. It has everything you need to buy and register a number – then start sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages.

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Short codes

A short code is a memorable, country-specific number that gives you higher carrier support and throughput than 10DLC (for a steeper monthly cost). Short codes are great for time-sensitive communications to large audiences. Whether you're sending SMS, or images and videos via MMS, we've got you covered.

Easy set-up and migration

Registering a short code is a more drawn-out process than for a 10DLC. But the OpenMarket team is here to help. The world’s biggest brands trust us to ensure their short code provisioning runs smoothly. If you have a well-known code you want to retain when you switch providers, we can help with that too.

Text-enabled landlines and toll-free numbers

Many businesses like to “text enable” existing toll-free and landline numbers, so they have one number customers can either text or call on. Expect a high throughput (though not quite as high as short codes) and a secure route.

Say it with pictures

Text-enabled numbers can now also receive and deliver MMS as well as SMS. You can then send and receive images and short videos – all from your familiar business number.