Webinar: How to choose a mobile messaging service provider

Join Kristi Miller and Steve Barnett to discover the issues to be aware of and the questions to ask when selecting SMS, MMS and RCS messaging providers.

In 2019 choosing a mobile messaging service provider can feel a formidable challenge.

There are many vendors around – but few non-partisan experts on hand to help with the selection process.

Happily, OpenMarket’s Kristi Miller and Steve Barnett are here to help you make the right choice. (Yes they’re partisan, but their instinct to do the right thing by every business totally overrides this.)

Watch a 30-minute webinar discussing the issues you should be aware of and the questions you should be asking. You’ll learn:

– The trends you need to know about the fast-moving messaging industry
– How to define your business needs
– The questions you need to put to a potential provider – and the answers you should be looking to receive.


Steve Barnett

Steve leads the pre-sales team’s efforts globally for OpenMarket. Prior to joining OpenMarket in 2015, he was a senior sales engineer for Amdocs, a global leader in the CX software and services domain. Before Amdocs, he was senior product engineer at T-Mobile US in the premium SMS and A2P space.

Kristi Miller

Kristi is a Senior Account Manager at Openmarket, working with some of its biggest clients.  Kristi has worked in advertising and marketing for 20+ years, and the mobile marketing space for over 12 years – working with clients such as iHeart Media, SiriusXM, Macy’s and Cox Media Group.

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