How to protect your SMS, RCS and MMS channels – a webinar

Mobile messaging is taking off. Here’s how to keep things safe.

SMS, RCS and MMS are becoming vital communication channels for businesses.

So make sure your organization and customers use them safely.

Join Michael Mosher, OpenMarket’s Global Director of Information Security and Privacy, for a discussion about the mobile messaging risks out there – and what you need to do to secure the channel.

Sign up for the 30-minute webinar to:

  • Understand grey routes, spam and other messaging risk factors
  • Learn about the data protection measures you can put in place
  • Find out when and how SMS should be used for two-factor authentication

The webinar takes place on 18th July at:

  • 9AM Pacific Time
  • 12PM Eastern Time
  • 5PM UK time
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Securing your solutions

We’ve been SMS and MMS pioneers for years – and have recently become world leaders in RCS and other emerging channels.

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